Friday, August 31, 2007

My girl

OK This entry is coming in the last few hours of August so that I have SOMETHING to show for the month. I don't know why I have gone blog bust this month--when there has been so much to say and show. I think it comes down to the fact that our summer vacation is nearly over (I know, I know, the rest of you have already started school, but don't forget who was still plugging away academically into the third week of JUNE! We earned this late start!) and before it ends altogether I have been focused on making the most of the last few weeks with my children home full time. I really love hanging out with my kids, I really, really do. I do not love never-ending loads of laundry, daily dirty diapers and eternal housework, but I DO love time with my children, and I'm going to miss it.

This picture is in honor of my little girl. She is the little girl every mom dreams of having and I have never taken a minute of her estrogen fused little life for granted. This picture was taken over two years ago, before she was my recently turned five year old who is starting Kindergarten next week. I know I should be alarmed that she is growing up so fast, but I have enjoyed every second of life with her, and don't think we could have lived it more fully. So rather than look behind, I look forward to what still lies ahead: teenage boy drama, fancy dress shopping, late night talks, frantic phone calls home from college when she needs a quick recipe to cook dinner for a date...

I come from a family of six kids--five of them boys. My mom always said she was glad she got a girl, but that one was enough. Don't know quite what that says about me, but I do think of that often when I look at my little shadow and am grateful for the sugar and spice and everything nice she brings to this mortal ride. Here's to you, Princess Zuri. Fancy Nancy. Windsyr Castle. Family comedian. Resident Mermaid. Thank you for blessing our family with your larger than life personality, and for giving this mommy a daughter.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"Next 100 days" blog

Depending on when we started, some of us are now half way through our 100 day challenge! I hope you are sticking with it and having success!! I have really enjoyed hearing from those who have reported back with your progress. Now I am beyond pleased to announce (since it indicates his conversion to the blog world) that my ambitious husband has started a blog dedicated solely to the hundred day challenge. As the first 100 on the challenge (yes, the goal for 100 people on the 100 day challenge has been reached, although we don't have everyone's goal personally documented as some did not specify their goal, and others are part of groups here and there that I do not have names for) you may already be featured on the blog as one who has accepted the challenge. What Brian would like to do is spotlight different stories in progress as they are recounted to him, so if you'd like to report your experience, please leave a comment at the new blog: "Next 100 days". Of course the hope is to expand the vision even further and get more people involved in the challenge with time (like goal-oriented bloggers in Zimbabwe, for example) so please keep sharing the challenge with your friends and family. We'd also love for you to include the 100 day blog as a link on your own blogs. Thanks again to all who accepted the challenge, and good luck with the second half of it!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ode to Jen

Dear Regular Potato,
I thought I'd write you a note instead of listening to Mrs. Sackman. (Don't tell her Juniors!) So how's your day? You look really cute today, I love your stirrups. Can you smell my perfume? I finally got some Exclamation! Hey, we should both crimp our hair this weekend and have a photo shoot. I'm excited for the football game tonight--it's gonna be rad. I know you have to cheer for JV, but afterward let's scope out some hotties. Should we sleep over at your house or mine? Doesn't really matter to me as long as we have our Ben and Jerry's. Are we going to the church dance on Saturday? I'm so glad I got to know you this year. You are my new Be Fri/ St End. Our Amy and Jen theme song pretty much says it all: (sung to the tune of Mickey Mouse) A-m-y, J-e-n, Amy and Jen. Amy and Jen (Amy and Jen!) Amy and Jen (Do it again!) Forever we will wonder why they are so dang rad! OK that song is way cool and we need to sing it to Kathleen and Marianne. They will totally love it too. MAJK rocks! We need to finish our class project--the video. Someday we will look back on that and really laugh.

It's wierd to think about life after High School--especially since we're only Sophomores. I wonder where we will go to College and what we will major in. Who do you think will get married first? Do you think we'll marry anyone we know? How many kids do you think you'll have? I'm pretty sure I want six. Let's always stay friends no matter what, OK? Even when we're like middle aged and in our thirties (will we ever really be that old?) let's make sure we still talk on the phone and bust our guts laughing about Bonne-bell lip smackers and Sun-In, OK? Speaking of which, I'm due for more Sun-In highlights. My bangs aren't blond enough. Let me know when you get the new Erasure CD. I'm way excited to hear it. Well, I better start listening, Mrs. Sackman is giving me the evil eye. See you at lunch in ten minutes. I can hardly wait for my Choco-Bliss.

Love ya,
Sweet Potato