Monday, June 23, 2008

The haps around here

Happy two months, Cayman!!

The haps around here lately are as follows.

1. I love summer vacation
2. I miss my two oldest children who went on a road trip with Grandma and Papa
3. I do not miss Brian's crutches and neither does he. (Still in a cast but can walk
on it now.)
4. I have not decided whether or not I miss my gallbladder, which was taken out a week ago following a trip to the ER with chest pain. That's four surgeries in seven weeks for this family, but who's counting?
5. My baby is two months old today!! And in case anyone doubted my childrens' ability to double their birth weight in two months, see the following pictures.

Remember Jake, the measuring stick?
Either Jake shrunk or Cayman has supersized.
You be the judge.

Here he is in all his tough cuteness.
Here we are--all of us. Finally posed for our first family picture.
And then we cut off Windsyr's hair and buzzed Staten's. It's kind of a summer tradition.

Here is Brian in his walking cast,

And me back in the hospital?

And our sweetie in the hospital
for tubes in her ears.

Now we hope we are done with the drama for a while.

I'll end on a positive note. I got the perfect chicken sandwich from McDonalds recently. I'm not kidding. Look at this bun...could you photo shop a more perfect bun than this? I don't think so.