Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm a Pencil

I came across this poem yesterday. Staten wrote it three years ago...or at least dictated it while we recorded it with all the seriousness we could muster.

I love how it shows the inner-workings of faith developing...but just not quite to the point of logic yet.

I shared it with the kids today and while Staten and I were cracking up, Windsyr said: I don't think it's funny. So I snapped back into "all the seriousness I could muster" mode because she's at just the right age to see it for the masterpiece that it is. I love, love, love the mind of a kid.


I'm a pencil in God's hands
No allergies
And no regret; with
No teeth.
Because I'm a pencil in God's hands.

I'm a pencil in God's hands
With no wings
With no people
And no house
And no town
Because I have Jesus.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Paw of the Panda Powers Positive Possibilities

Got this email from my husband today. So great I thought I should share. (We've always been big on fortune cookies...)

"So I just got back from getting lunch. Drove through Panda Express. Ordered the usual. Orange Chicken, and Mandarin Chicken. Got my order, driving back to my office, opened and ate my Fortune Cookie. Fortune: "Your hard work is about to pay off"

Great thought...seems appropriate...nice fortune.

I like fortune cookies. I think they are a good example of positive affirmations. We only half believe that they are real, cosmic and meant for us. But there are those times when you open one and you think, wow, this is spot on...and you see the panda power pulsing through the cookie pile pushing the perfect fortune into your palm at just the right moment. If our fortune is indeed created by our thoughts, then having a little cookie give us a boost in the right (positive) direction seems a great little game - no harm, only good.

Well today I believe in the power of the Panda because when I got back to my office and opened my lunch... my Orange Chicken and Mandarin Chicken were nowhere to be seen. I instead had Kung Pao and Mushroom Chicken on a bed of rice and chow mien.

I got the totally wrong order, but the absolutely right fortune.

The power of the Panda...believe it! It is more fun that way.

Now we are just waiting to see HOW all that hard work is going to pay off????

Thursday, June 11, 2009


From this entry in Grandma’s diary, stems any woman’s dream:

“One day I got all my work done. I couldn’t think of a thing to do, not one. Having just moved a short time earlier, the whole house was clean. No closets, drawers to work on, washing and ironing was all done and hanging in the closet. No yard work yet that spring. I had food prepared in advance of a visitor we were expecting. Shopping was done and mending was all caught up. I’d done all my spring sewing and not yet having joined the church, I had no lessons to prepare or compassionate service to do. I had all my work caught up. What a joyous day. I’ll never forget it.”

I can’t say I’ve had this experience in my life—but if it could happen just once, I would feel like the queen of the world.

I’m so pleased she recorded her perfect day…but there is one important thing missing from her entry. What did she do when everything was done? Did she read? Did she sleep? Did she go for a walk? Visit a friend? Eat a big, fat peach pie?

What would I do? What would YOU do--if it were ever all done--even just for one afternoon?

plumb love

I think it's really cute that Cairo wanted to hug the plumber today. I have to admit, I feel the same about a person who can make toilets flush again.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

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