Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I lived in VA for 18 months. It was not long enough for my liking--I loved the east coast. I loved the fireflies, the country roads, the lush vegetation, antique shops everywhere, state hopping, battlefields, monuments, quaint towns, fall festivals, heavy rainstorms, loud thunder, a 2o minute drive to Washington D.C...and the list goes on and on.

I also liked the people. Of course, I haven't lived anywhere that I didn't like the people: People are likable. But I was fortunate to get to know a lot of cool people in our very short time. One friend-- Heather--introduced me to a group of women friends that I hung out with for several book clubs and a few memorable mom's night outs. That is how I met Paige, and that gets me to the point of this post.

I really liked Paige. Of course, if you read the last paragraph that shouldn't be shocking...remember, I like people. But Paige had an immediate stand out personality--being personable, witty, and one of those tell-all kind of people that made being human (and imperfect) seem like so much fun. I can remember coming home and specifically telling my husband about the funny, likable Paige.

As it turns out, I was not alone. There are now hundreds of thousands who tune in to a Podcast called Mommycast that Paige began hosting with her friend Gretchen several years after my VA stint. I found out about the Podcast through Heather a few years ago, and it has been fun to listen in, and watch it grow and progress over the years. It was the first Podcast to be officially sponsored (by Dixie cups) and was voted #1 Podcast of 2007 by Apple iTunes. (If I am getting any of my facts wrong, you can clarify them at the website.)

They have since expanded to include video, and have received all kinds of acclaim and publicity (again, see the website.) Although it's been years since I knew Paige and we don't stay in personal contact, I can't help but feel proud. Partly because someone I knew went on to gain success through something so worthwhile. Partly because she represents stay at home moms like myself, and partly because I feel like I scouted her out those many years ago, having recognized her sparkly, likeable self as a fellow mom I could connect with (and now have the opportunity to do just that in a crazy sky's-the-limit-when-it-comes-to-technology kind of way.) And yes, I also take credit for Johnny Depp. Right, Marianne? We found him first.

So in honor of Paige, who probably wouldn't remember me, and in promotion of a worthwhile podcast for a worthwhile cause ("Holding the world together, one child at a time",) I'm adding a Mommycast link to my blog, and I might even buy a t-shirt or two. I hope you will introduce yourself to the show.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Yes, it's true...

My husband's more savvy than me (as witnessed below.) But I am a way better clogger.

My Version of the American Idol Concert Recap

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Belated American Idol Report

Why did I like American Idol more this past year than any year before? (And yes, I have watched all the years.) My theory (actually it is my husband's, but I have adopted it) is that this is the first year they allowed instruments--which drew in not just singers, but musicians. Most of my favorites this year played guitar, and/or piano. And best of all, there were very few "boy band" singers. WHEW.

It was also the first year my husband watched along with me...not half heartedly, but religiously, a fun twice weekly date. Then my mom came home from her mission in March and it wasn't long before she too was hooked. We texted our votes in week to week, Grandma Kippy taking the cake with her 100 votes in the finals, which I thought was a lot until I learned about the 1000 votes a friend had cast that night, putting my mom's measly hundred to shame.

So having been such loyal fans this year, and having enjoyed most of the top ten performers, it only made sense to hit the concert and oh what a party it was. Attending in Utah was especially insane due to an arena full of the loudest and most intense David Archuleta fans you can imagine--something akin to Beatle Mania. I liked him too, Hershey's kiss that he is (little boy, BIG voice,) but I also loved Brooke White, Jason Castro, the Australian (vindicating Brian's fashion sense one scarf at a time) and David -You had me at Lionel Richie's Hello- Cook, redefining American Idol every time he opened his mouth.

Grandma Kippy
And the rest of the gang
Go Brooke!

Me loving Jason Castro

Grandma Kippy loving David A.

David A. was also Staten's favorite

Utah hearts David Archuleta

Back to Jason...sigh. Brian thinks I forgot I was 35.

David Cook. Second to none. Except when you're in Utah.

The man of the hour in all his rockstar glory.

Daddy Daughter moment
Finale with all the performers