Thursday, March 19, 2009

To have Cairo

is to have more abundance in my life than I could ever imagine.

He makes me melt all day long everyday.

He says 'Batman and Robinson' and 'Thomas and Jerry'.

He calls Lucky Charms "Cocoa Sauces" and thinks it was his birthday on St. Patrick's Day because the leprechauns left a fun table all decorated and ready to eat "cocoa sauces".

He calls any group of people "boys" (I think it comes from the expression 'guys') including mom and dad. It's always cute to hear him ask about Staten and Windsyr, "Where are the boys, mom?" or say to Brian and I, "Come on boys!"

He dances anytime he hears a beat and plays drums on the food storage cans--but can NOT play without some sort of hat on.

He has as many teenage friends as he does kid friends.

His favorite TV show is Ninja Warrior, and has he got some ninja moves!

He can't stand messes or sticky hands, puts everything he ever plays with into straight lines and claps when I organize the fridge. (OCD?)

Though he has his own bed, he hasn't used it much since Cayman overtook the room. But Cairo is so cuddly, the kids fight over who gets him in their bed at night.

He is so gracious. 'Thank you' was one of his first expressions, and he uses it generously.

He is all boy, and anything ball shaped or weapon related is pretty much awesome in his world.

He was so proud of this soccer ball snowman.

He lives for chocolate milk, but "chocolate milk" usually refers to a few drops of french vanilla creamer in regular milk.

He was the shortest kid on the scout field trip, but I think he is pleased by any operation that removes trash.

Anytime the camera comes out he says: "Take a picture 'bout me, mom."

He is the most social and gregarious member of our family. He loooooves people and often spearheads introductions in the way an outgoing adult would. It is always cracking people up.

He is more computer savvy than me--but his photography skills need work.

He hasn't yet caught the vision of underwear.

Or pouring the syrup on your pancakes instead of drinking it.

One day I called myself mommy and he corrected me: "No, your superhero mommy." What could be more endearing than that???

He is more life, energy, and personality bundled up into one sturdy little package than I knew could exist. I honestly ask myself daily: "How did I get so lucky to be your mom?"

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Out with Flat Stanley, In with FLAT EDWARD!

It started with a white elephant and a few crazed women. Now it is the gift that will keep on giving...and giving....and giving--whether the recipients like it or not :) because....

Flat Edward has started his journey!

Learn more about Flat Edward, track his adventures, and add his blog to your links! We want to see how many people he can get to and far he can travel. Go see more at

Edward came along when several of us took our husbands (good sports that they were) to see Twilight at the dollar theaters. He came to Ruby's. He's been to a Valentine's dance and multiple baby showers--and this week he is with Kelly....probably the truest Twilight fan of them all. It'll be fun to see where he goes and what he does. At some point we're hoping he can spend a week with Stephenie Meyers!


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