Monday, September 25, 2006

Last third of the Madness

And bringing up the rear we have little Cairo. (Little being a relative term.) What an awesome caboose. He is loved and adored by all and makes a great vacuum for our rugs as he crawls around sticking any and all stray objects and scraps in his mouth.

Two thirds of the Madness

This is one of those "picture's worth a thousand words" examples. Really, what can I say? How lucky are we to be hang out with these awesome munchkins?

What started the madness...

Amazing how two people in love can so innocently turn into a family of five.

Hey Maughans!

Inspired by Savannah Sombrita Del Mar's well-documented Canine life, I am kicking myself into gear to get our little humans better represented out there on the world wide web. We have three very cute ones, so this should be a worthy endeavor.