Thursday, February 19, 2009

Return of the 80's!! (In more ways than one...)

You'd think that living in sunny Southern Cal would numb me to the glory of the sun-- that at some point I'd take it for granted, or come to feel a sense of entitlement to it. But I am here to tell you that a beautiful sunny day thrills me just as much after 300 of them per year as it ever did in the less seasonally challenged places I've lived in. After a small run of rain and cold this week, today has returned to delightfully warm and sunny and I had all my windows and doors open for the interior version of basking in it! I looooove it! Of course dramatic weather is exciting and each of the four seasons has its place in my little weather loving heart, but the SUN is therapeutic for me. I know it. I feel it. And I thrive on the medicinal and psychological effects from a good dose of Vitamin A even after soaking it up consistently for six years. Wrinkled prune though I may be...

But this is a side trip. What I really meant to do is post pictures from Valentine's day--aka the awesome 80's dance. Behold, the pleather, the mullet, the neon, and a proper tribute to Jon Bon Jovi...(brace yourself)...

What a RIOT! I kind of have a soapbox about the lack of dancing forums for married LDS adults. We dance and dance and dance while we are single and then we get married and...nada. I have literally been to two church sponsored dances for married couples in ten years of marriage. YET, if you are an adult and find yourself single all over again, what do you do? You dance. Like my mom does. One of my funny memories is of Brian and I sending pretty grandma Kippy off to her dance at 10 pm a few years ago and watching a nice little movie while we waited for her to report back. When she checked in with us again...which was oh, say, 1-ish, we laughed about the fact she had never left the dance floor in that time period and we had never left...the sofa. Yes, she was the swinging single mom and we were the "Who needs to dance? Not us, We're married!" couple collecting calories on the couch.

So clearly I was thrilled that our Elder's Quorum hosted a Valentine's dance this year, and the fact that it was 80's just made it all the more fantastic.

So that's about all I'll say about the dance. The pictures can tell you the rest!