Monday, September 25, 2006

Last third of the Madness

And bringing up the rear we have little Cairo. (Little being a relative term.) What an awesome caboose. He is loved and adored by all and makes a great vacuum for our rugs as he crawls around sticking any and all stray objects and scraps in his mouth.


Savannah Sombrita Del Mar said...

Nice going! Your blog looks great. It will be nice to see what's going on over with the The Maughans. When is everyone going to come for a visit?

LollyGirl said...

Nice to see you've joined the blogesphere. I'm excited to stay more up to date on the Maughans!!

I loved spending time with Windsyr this weekend. She's still my little sweet girl. Thanks for letting me be her mommy for a few days when you guys went to UT a few years ago--we bonded!

Staten is sooooo handsome! He's matured so much. What a SWEET picture! You said it well: worth a thousand words.

Thanks so much for sharing your family with us! Look forward to more updates.

Do you know we have one, too? You should check it out. We're the family of perpetual motion link on Savannah's blog.

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