Sunday, July 15, 2007

SIBS in Seattle

Although you have to go to Team Biddle's blog to find out what SIBS stands for, you have to travel back in time to New York City to understand what SIBS are all about. The SIBS reunion in Seattle (We were missing one, but will track her down for the next) was everything it should be: Food, shopping, food, girl talk, food, touring on the DUCK, and more food. Oh yes, and chocolate. Marie's husband was very accomodating to let us steal his wife away from baby Noe-Noe for hours at a time. He is also one of my heroes as he worked on the network for i-Phones and furtively carried one for three months before the world was allowed to see it. I also had the treat of meeting up with Adam and Pek who were in town for Pek's tournament.

Anyway, I love my dear friends from the days of tracting, fearlessing, teaching, and always plenty of laughing on the streets and in the projects of Staten Island and Queens. We are already looking forward to our next SIB get away- leggings, party bracelets, knock off purses, matching_______and all!!!

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Anonymous said...

The SIBS in Seattle was truly a treat for me. I had so much fun and really look forward to our next SIBS reunion.

I just love that no matter how much time has passed I can still laugh, eat and relish every minute with some of the greatest friends and women I've met in my life. How lucky am I?! :)

p.s. Thanks Brian and Ammon for letting your SIB come and visit!