Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"Next 100 days" blog

Depending on when we started, some of us are now half way through our 100 day challenge! I hope you are sticking with it and having success!! I have really enjoyed hearing from those who have reported back with your progress. Now I am beyond pleased to announce (since it indicates his conversion to the blog world) that my ambitious husband has started a blog dedicated solely to the hundred day challenge. As the first 100 on the challenge (yes, the goal for 100 people on the 100 day challenge has been reached, although we don't have everyone's goal personally documented as some did not specify their goal, and others are part of groups here and there that I do not have names for) you may already be featured on the blog as one who has accepted the challenge. What Brian would like to do is spotlight different stories in progress as they are recounted to him, so if you'd like to report your experience, please leave a comment at the new blog: "Next 100 days". Of course the hope is to expand the vision even further and get more people involved in the challenge with time (like goal-oriented bloggers in Zimbabwe, for example) so please keep sharing the challenge with your friends and family. We'd also love for you to include the 100 day blog as a link on your own blogs. Thanks again to all who accepted the challenge, and good luck with the second half of it!


Coontz Clan said...

I love this!! I am going to have to really think of something great!! (Well, great for me anyway!) Thanks for sharing.

Papa Dave said...

I am now in my 59th day of the 'next 100 days' I told you in the beginning, details were to come...that was a bit of a hedge just in case I didn't follow through, I could have settled for something pretty simple, like walking 1000 steps a day or reading the newspaper every day...things I do anyway. Big Noble Challenge!!
Now I am half way into it, I can admit that the challenge has been more than fun and invigorating, it has been amazing. I have managed to get halfway through The Great Teaching Course on Einstein's Relativity and Quantum Mechanics by listening to lectures at an hour a day and working out while doing so...I have read half the book, "Einstein" the Biography, which is amazing, I have taken a virtual tour of the Louvre, and I am well into committing 100 of my patients to accepting the Next 100 day challenge in life style changes, and they love it! I am on my way to completing an Oil Portrait in the classic Renaissance style (inspired by my trip through the Louvre), and can't wait to start the next 100 day challenge because I already know what I am going to do! Thank you, Staten, for inspiring your parents to inspire their parents and all their friends to make our futures a little more meaningful and a lot more enjoyable.

Shelby said...

I am so impressed! What an amazing wave of positive change you have initiated.

Savannah Sombrita Del Mar said...

Wow...GO POPS. Reminds me of getting through the mind numbing work of gore-tex seem-sealing at Kokatat by listening to Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time on tape repeatedly... Now that was a good time.

Ames, I haven't really yet been able to commit myself to a 100 day challenge, since it seems like most of mine are dealt with on a day to day basis lately.
I will be swimming more. I am almost certain that I will make that my 100 Dayer.
Thanks for the updates. Mexico looked muy bien. I am glad you guys stole a moment to explore.