Thursday, July 17, 2008

A blogging believer

I came home from our two weeks in Utah feeling more inspired to blog. Seems like everywhere I went, everyone I saw was up to date on our family...thanks to the blog. And since it is keeping us in better touch with people than I even thought, I'm going to be a better blogger and post more often. Starting now.

First a story.

The scene:
Putting my children to bed at grandma's house
The background:
I had just finished telling my kids a bedtime story and was still lounging on the bed
The conversation:
Windsyr: Mom, are you going to fall asleep in our bed?
Me: No, I'm just resting for a minute.
Windsyr: Good. Because then you'd just be a big lump in the bed that steals covers.

Now some pictures.


On the trail up. Very scenic and more of a workout than I bargained for...I forgot how steep that trail is, and only 2 weeks post surgery. Duh!
Exploring through the caveWindsyr got to hold the flashlight for the guide to point out a ladder. She took full credit after the fact telling us: "I saw the ladder and told the guide about it, so she told everyone else about it." Alarmingly, that is how my daughter's mind works.


You gotta get up pretty early in the morning to see the balloons launch. In fact, 5am didn't quite cut it for us because we missed our favorite part which is watching the balloons be filled.
My Engine and my Caboose. Aren't they cute?
Cairo liked the hot air balloons, of course. He likes any kind of balloon, really, and all balloons to him mean happy birthday.
Special shout out to grandma Kippy who staked out at 3am to get us prime seating at the parade.

This is the center divider on Center street (just before the roundabout. ) The kids watched the parade coming toward them head on, then it would divide and go to either their right or left to get to the roundabout. Quite the way to watch a parade!
Nice group shot...and notice the Red, White, and GREEN! My husband adds some Italian flare to the traditional 4th of July color scheme.
The grandmas took the girls to Stadium of Fire, which for many young girls in the audience translated into one thing: Miley Cyrus. The Blue Man group performed too which I have heard was fantastic. And of course the fireworks are unsurpassed. Go Utah!
Our version of Iwo Jima

Bri took the kids up this very familiar lift. It's the first time they've seen it without snow on the ground and skis on their feet.

Uncle Myron took us hiking through here. It was beautiful.
What we didn't know is that poor Cairo was getting sick. We thought it was unusual that he wanted to be held instead of running on his own, but by that night he had a fever of 102.6--which explained why the little trooper wasn't himself.
Me and my petite bundle.

Cousin sleepover+late night+early morning+hiking= THIS!
...As we like to call our little trips out to Tami's place. She lives in a small town where getting around is as simple as throwing all four kids on the mommy quad. Ahhh, the simple life!

We are big enough fans that we stayed a whole extra week in order to attend. Funny us. But we loved it, so stay tuned for footage. (I'm going to make a separate post for the concert, or I will never finish the current one...)

Of course we don't have pictures of all the great times on our trip. Visiting friends and family made the trip especially worth thanks to everyone who made time for us and to Grandma and Papa Maughan for putting us up, and putting up with us. We'll be back.


Mike & Shelby said...

Oh, how fun. That Timp hike-tour is steep, huh?! Funny story, Great pics.

Tami said...

Sounds like a great trip--glad you enjoyed yourselves, and I'm looking forward to your AI concert footage.

Coontz Clan said...

I so miss the 4th in Provo!!

BTW - your Mom looks fabulous!!!

Ben and Shara said...

it is true, it is nice to stay updated with you guys when there is a current blog post. good job setting the standard. I'd like to do better as well. I'm sorry to say that we weren't able to get together while you were here, you were able to do a lot of things while here. Thank goodness for Aunt Kip to keep us informed and up to date.

I hope all is well with you guys and that Cairo is feeling better by now.

Seattle SIB said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun on your Utah trip. Love the photos of everyone!

It was great as always to talk to you!

Natalie said...

We just got back from Utah as well. We'd love to come see you. Maybe next week?

Janna said...

What a fun trip! We are headed to Utah on Friday for 2 WEEKS!!! I'm a little scared- haven't traveled that far with 4 kids yet. You give me inspiration and courage.