Monday, November 03, 2008

The Election Baby

My brother celebrates his birthday on this historical election eve. Lest Darron feel lost or forgotten in the last minute flurry of political shuffle before this year's highly charged election, let us pause to remember this outstandingly great human being. In the maiden voyage of my blog's first year, (a fancy way of saying last year) one of my goals was to pay tribute to my parents, siblings, and in laws through posts on each of their birthdays. I stayed fully committed right up until my sickness, which wiped me off the map for three months. Darron's birthday hit during that black hole in my life, and therefore he is the only brother I have never had the chance to blog brag about. I only have six minutes to write this so I'll speed brag.

Darron was...(and is)
1. So adventurous, always exploring and absolutely in love with all things outdoors.
2. When happy, he's HAPPY. If sad, he is SAD. And he's never excited, only EXCITED.
3. He's musical in many ways but when I think Darron, I think of him on the guitar singing: "I know a boy/(girl) and his/(her) name is_____" (fill in the blank. The song is adaptable to everyone and many of my blog readers have probably had their own verse.)
4. He is a true entrepreneur and has excelled in creating and running some very cool businesses. He has always had the goal of owning a ski resort, and he will someday.
5. Three letters. R.E.R.
6. He loves toys. Snowboard, skate board, bike, quadrunner, landcruiser, rock wall, river raft, kayak...You name it, he loves it.
7. He is capable of balance in life. Plays hard. Works hard. Incredible father. He is not, however, capable of being serious when answering the phone. I have never heard more funny voices come out of one person.
8. He is as kind as they come. You will never hear Darron put anyone down, and he can be trusted with any confidence.
9. He has a heart of gold, and a character of steel. He is greatness personified.
10. He looks great in a kilt on stage singing an octave too high.

Gotta love you Darron. Impossible not to. And by the way Nilsson family (and us Maughans), we owe this guy a "group" novel...let's get cracking!


Mandee said...

Love Darron! When I knew Darron (it's been forever- sadly) he was always happy, always silly, and always funny!

Happy Birthday Darron! I hope you have a great day!

Dan said...

Amen to that.

Tamara Atkin said...

Wow, that's quite a tribute. Amy, you really celebrate birthdays. No wonder you take such notice when birthdays are forgotten.

Happy Birthday Darron!

Even though that is just a small squeak compared to Amy's trumpet.

Janna said...

You're awesome Darron! I love it when I get to see you here in Bakersfield. You're always so happy and friendly. You always make me feel good and happy. I wish I could see you more! Happy Birthday.


Janna said...

Happy Birthday Darron! I have great memories of you in high school. One of my favorites is being jazz choir partners my senior, your junior year. You're awesome!

marianne said...

Happy Birthday, Darron! I miss you Nilsson boys. (And girl!) Many are the days I wish I could just go hang out at your house and chat with anyone who happened to be home. Can't we get together this winter?

Hey Maughan said...

Tami, birthdays and everything else! I am overboard with holidays. I've mellowed a little in the wake of four kids. When it was just Staten and Windsyr we spent a full year celebrating every remote holiday I could find (National floss your teeth day, National eat a brownie day.) Lists of random holidays are everywhere on line and I didn't even care if they were legit...celebrate we did. But I have a glitch when it comes to your birthday. It is December 16th right? But every year I will ask myself, is it in December or January? I've done that since I've known you, so why stop now. I should propose a holiday in your honor: "National why can my brain not make that connection Day." We will have banana splits to celebrate.

Hey Maughan said...

Marianne, we have to get together so I can make your awesomely cool goth band t-shirt "I want to be at YOUR picnic" quilt.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Darron! You probably don't remember me, but I remember you. You were very young when I knew you and your family. Be blessed always!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks Amylydarling. You sure now how to make a Birthday boy feel loved. And hello to everyone else that is responding. I miss you all so much. Take Care.(I said this whole thing in a real funny high pitched squeaky voice)

Darron (Dingo)

myro said...


kipalee said...

And you said all that in 5 mins! We got the picture and if you had kept going for hours it wouldn't have been too much to celebrate and honor this man of great integrity, a fun personality and a loving heart! Wish we were all talking in person. I would enjoy visiting with all the friends who have made comments.

Kathleen said...

WAIT! Is it too late to say happy birthday to Darron?