Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm a Pencil

I came across this poem yesterday. Staten wrote it three years ago...or at least dictated it while we recorded it with all the seriousness we could muster.

I love how it shows the inner-workings of faith developing...but just not quite to the point of logic yet.

I shared it with the kids today and while Staten and I were cracking up, Windsyr said: I don't think it's funny. So I snapped back into "all the seriousness I could muster" mode because she's at just the right age to see it for the masterpiece that it is. I love, love, love the mind of a kid.


I'm a pencil in God's hands
No allergies
And no regret; with
No teeth.
Because I'm a pencil in God's hands.

I'm a pencil in God's hands
With no wings
With no people
And no house
And no town
Because I have Jesus.


Kerianne said...

That is the best poem I have read in ages.

Music is my Life said...

Cute, love it!

Vince said...

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Bobbie said...

So Amy I am actually just writing this to say that I'm glad you haven't posted for a while either because it makes me feel less guilty. Hope you guys are having a busy, fun-filled summer like we are and are planning to catch the blog up when the kids are back to school. Take care!

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