Friday, January 08, 2010

Be forewarned:

I have finally joined the ranks of those who so efficiently use Google reader. (I never claimed to be cutting edge with anything blog related. I was slow to start one, slow to dress it up, and slow to realize I stunk at being consistent with my writing or reading of them.)

But no more.

Google reader will change my blogging habits.

Reading-wise, because I can now check blog updates along with email.
Writing-wise, because I realized there were plenty of good souls actually "subscribed" to my blog, and yet my average amount of entries per week was .2.

I can do better than that.

So today you get a look at my TOGETHER TALLY for the morning. This tally runs through my head most days like an annoying ticker across a screen, gaining and losing points in relation to how together I feel as a mom/wife and person at any given moment.

Here's where I stand so far:

*MINUS one for sleeping in 30 minutes past my kids this morning,
*but PLUS one for getting up at all.

*MINUS one for serving animal cookies for breakfast,
*but PLUS one for including milk to strengthen bones.

*MINUS one for thinking my son would not pour the water bottle I handed him all over the wood floor,
*but PLUS one for the unexpected mopping the floor got.

*PLUS one for changing a poopy diaper,
*but MINUS one for the fact it is still in a baggie by my front door waiting to go out to the trash.

*MINUS one for unstyled hair, no makeup and sweats today,
*but PLUS one for making everyone around me all the cuter.

*PLUS one for playing Hungry hippos, race cars, and animals with my sons,
*but MINUS one for coming up with the idea of jumping the race car into the trash can, which was not emptied out.

*PLUS one for turning off the TV before my son's brain rotted.
*but MINUS one for handing him my iPhone right afterward. (Brain rot still in progress.)

*MINUS one for having to go up and down stairs every few minutes this morning in search of the only working phone in the house--which is never in its base,
*but PLUS one for the "stairmaster" workout.

So all in all it looks like I am neither totally put together nor totally unraveled today.

*MINUS one for keeping my score so predictably even,
*but PLUS one for not letting it dip into the red, so I don't completely bomb.

This earns me a bonus point, thereby putting the plusses ahead by one for a win. Hope you find yourself equally put together on this lovely Friday.

Happy weekend!


Mormishmom said...

You are darling and I love reading your blog - such a fabulous voice in your writing. Have a fun weekend!

Mike and Shelby said...

I do enjoy reading your blog! In fact you are one who can take credit for inspiring me to start my own! :) Looking forward to more fabulous posts!

Anonymous said...

Great attitude! Funny, I was just going to post something very similar.

Hugs friend! You are always a WiNNER to me!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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