Monday, December 20, 2010

the big 1000

With four months worth of catching up to do on this blog, it seems procrastinate--even while playing catch up. So while 1000 things worth posting wait for their day in the sun, I'll let you in on a little celebration going on around here. Our thousandth shark tooth was added to the collection this week! AND, so was our BIGGEST-- which grandma Kippy had the honor of finding. And right she should, being the most devoted collector in the bunch of us. Not even the days of record breaking cold kept her from her near daily hunting. She merely bundled up tighter and braved the bone chilling cold as she went in search of teeth, fossils, and any other interesting treasure the ocean may have washed ashore.

As I write, she is out with my brother and two of my children hunting arrow heads, and later this week, she'll be joining a professional guide to learn more about fossil hunting in a creek bed where 25 million year old fossils are likely to be found.

While we're talking artifacts, I'll also post a picture of the pottery remnants found on the property where we live--relics from the Timicuan tribe of Indians. (Photo waiting to be attached)

We love immersing ourselves in the richness of history and learning about life that has lived before us. And let's face it...we all want to be the one who finds the Megalodon tooth one the hunting hobby rages on.


ME said...

Ok, those are some amazing finds.

So glad to see you back in the blog world.

Kirbell said...

Miss the Maughans! Happy hunting.