Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Color Blind

Well Papa Dave has a successor for his color blindness. Staten came to me the other day to show me the funny Balance Bar he was eating (Balance bars are his favorite breakfast.) So this was a new kind of balance bar--peanut butter flavored, coating and all. So it was tan as could be, but Staten came to show me the funny green balance bar. We had noticed it before with the multi-colored rug in his room of which he can correctly identify MOST of the colors. But there were two shades of green he calls silver. So his problem is with greens, greys and tans from what we can tell. I knew I was a carrier because of dad and that my boys had a fifty percent chance of being color blind. Well, it didn't impede Papa Dave much in life--especially in the avenue of art--so we're crossing our fingers that if the color blind gene passed to Staten, maybe the art gene did too!

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