Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Team WOW

This was the start of what we plan to make an annual tradition for our YW: Running in the Southern California 5K/ Half Marathon event (that takes place right in our neighborhood.) We'll need to talk the rest of our 26 YW into joining us next year. Want to guess which part of the race we ran? OK, so 3.2 miles is not quite 13, but I ran it with a nasty cold (armed with a fanny pack full of kleenex for nose blowing) and still broke a record (as in, beating my personal best in all of my week and a half long of treadmill training!) Oh, the glory.

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LollyGirl said...

WAY TO GO AMY!! I'm impressed! That is such a great idea for the YW--talk about team building.

Very interesting about Staten. We're probably all curious about that with Pappa Dave in the fam.