Wednesday, April 08, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

This flies around Facebook and although I haven't posted there yet, I'm making a valid effort to blog more often, so I thought I'd share here first.

1. I can’t leave short messages on phones. I talk to the person almost like they had answered and usually get cut off by the beep.
2. I am too interested in too many things to be great at any one thing.
3. I am paranoid of anyone ever feeling left out, and as much as I love a good party, it’s hard to host one at my house because I can’t fit everyone and I don’t know how to narrow my invite lists.
4. I feel things to the extreme no matter who they happen to. Every sad story in the paper or on the news affects me and I can spend days in a funk when something sad or bad happens to a perfect stranger.
5. I know the proper grammar for #4 would have been “no matter to whom they happen” but I have a strange complex about using too proper of grammar.
6. I sneeze like a cat and I always sneeze in fives.
7. I think ‘spooky action at a distance’ is the coolest concept ever and I experience it often.
8. I am the princess and the pea about my bed. I have a fantastic mattress, then memory foam on top of that, and I unabashedly claim the only expensive pillow in the house. As a teenager I prided myself on my ability to sleep anywhere, and I never thought I’d be the mom who took an air mattress camping…but now I see no glory in sleeping uncomfortably.
9. I secretly believe I am married to a superhero.
10. Raising children has taught me more than anything else in life.
11. I love reptiles just as much as anything cute or furry.
12. It absolutely, positively gives me the willies to have anything touch my belly button. And yet my daughter—who never took a bottle or a pacifier, has used her finger in her belly button as her soother from the time she first discovered it. I call this God’s practical joke number one. Practical joke number two was having to get my gallbladder removed—the biggest incision being made in my belly button, of course.
13. Thirteen is more than my lucky number, it is magic for me, and has never let me down.
14. I have witnessed too many miracles not to believe in God.
15. I can’t remember the ending of books, the story line of movies, the punch line to any joke, or what I said five minutes ago, but the lamest facts can stick in my head forever (like a phone number I haven’t dialed in 25 years, or something I read once about how after age 40 you should wear cream instead of black, etc.)
16. One of the guys I dated in college called my feet water skis. Ouch. But that's OK, I've obviously forgotten all about it. :)
17. I am super proud of the fact that I overcame my spider phobia. It was really extreme, and I feel triumphant for tackling it. I don’t kill them anymore—part of the new pact between us.
18. I can’t imagine life without one of my senses. Seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, touching…all huge to me. I can imagine life without laundry, though.
19. Best foods: Thick chocolate malts, goat cheese, red peppers, hot In N Out fries, dark chocolate covered strawberries, cinnamon bears, kalamata olives, the gourmet meals my husband makes on mother’s days, Los Hermanos chips and salsa, and ANYTHING from CafĂ© Rio.
20. In my life, I have been surrounded by the world’s greatest people.
21. Sore ribs from laughing hard is the ultimate satisfaction.
22. I love heartbeats. Hearing my husband’s heartbeat at night lulls me into the most comfortable, safe kind of sleep. Mine happens to beat irregularly, but it keeps on beating, and that’s what matters.
23. I wouldn’t trade my age and stage of life for anything…but…I do miss the carefree feeling of younger days and less responsibility.
24. I have eaten rattle snake, cliff dived, bridge jumped, skinny dipped in the red sea, galloped bareback, ridden a Harley, a dirt bike, an elephant, a camel, raced 120 mph in a car, rock climbed without ropes, gone caving many times, four wheeled in a Fiero, been trapped under a raft in white water, been blamed for a forest fire I didn’t start, sent an Iguana through the mail, seen a UFO, rock repelled, visited Chitzinizu and the pyramids of Giza, punted the Cam, climbed the Eiffel tower, sang in front of the statue of Liberty, visited England, Scotland, France, Wales, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Dubai, Canada, Mexico, and more states than I can name….BUT….
25. ….I have never been to Hawaii, and I am afraid to open the Pillsbury crescent roll cans that pop.


goclaytons said...

too funny. no wonder we are kindred spirits. 13 is my lucky number also (as well as my birthday backwards). i can't wait to read your book because i love reading your stuff. hopefully it's not fiction because the real life stuff is so much better. don't know why you're always commenting on my have been all over the place. i have to admit that i didn't see switzerland on your list. we're waiting...

Jamie said...

I swore I wouldn't do this, but I couldn't help myself....I am a complete stranger! I found your blog because we are Maughan's too, and I was looking for another Maughan and stumbled upon your blog. I have been secretly visiting your blog every now and then.(truthfully, I'm a true follower!) You never cease to make me laugh with your witty remarks and observations, so much like my own! Hope you don't mind, I mean no harm. Funny thing, I think you have a son named Staten???? My oldest son is on a mission in NYC and lived in Staten Island for 6 months. Random, I know, but an observation.

Hey Maughan said...

Jamie, how fun--
I'll go visit your blog spot and we can be blogging friends-slash-almost relatives!!

Kathleen said...

That was fun to read. I'm amazed at how much stuff you've done and that you actually remembered it all. The only thing you forgot was sense of taste. :) BY the way your camera takes awesome pictures. John just ordered the Nikon D90. I hope our pictures turn out half as good as yours now.

Kathleen said...

As far as the cup issue, open side up. I used to put it down until I found out that they put them up in restaurants because otherwise it's unsanitary. Think about it, you don't know what kind of dust and stuff has settled in your cabinets and if you put them down the part that touches your mouth is what picks all that stuff up.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you need to come to Hawaii with me, and I'll open your Pillsbury cans anytime.

I know, I always think "I need to talk to Amy about such and such....we do need a phone call/visit SOON!"

Miss you. Love the list.

Mother 25 - 8 said...

Your list was hilarious for me to read Amy! BTW, I have ZERO desire to get over my phobia for spiders. If they cross my path, they were just meant to die!!

Christy Dyer said...

Amy you are my hero! and not secretly. I wish I could be more like you. I think it would be quite a chore to think about 25 things about me that were interesting at all, but I plan to live a more interesting life!

Bobbie said...

I love the list, but I couldn't help but thinking as I read, "Is she going to mention the UFO?" Then after I read #24, I got worried about how you will ever play the truth/lies game again. Maybe your list is not exhaustive? You've lived a much more exciting life up till now than I have!

merideth said...

you have done so much... you are so cool. i have always thought this, but now i know at least 25 more things that are cool about you. like #24 is crazy... makes my life seem quite mild.

Tamara Atkin said...

Great list. very fun to read. I should copy you and kathleen and post mine. We definitely share 1 through 3 and 11 in common. Also whatever number was the one about a life of great people. And of course I was with you for the forrest fire.

Kelly said...

Awesome list amy! And I relate to A LOT (almost all) of it-but not #24...
Congrats on your anniversary. We had ours in nov. I wish we'd have been so introspective. I spent the week in awe that we've made it thru so much together!
I dig reptiles too! =)