Monday, April 20, 2009

I wear flip flops.

My husband and I laid in bed feeling very introspective last night, the eve of our 10th anniversary. We were evaluating the years of our life together, and at one point he asked me: "What if you woke up tomorrow morning and it was 1997, we had never met and all of this had been a dream?" I know it was hypothetical, but please refer to #4 of my random things list (below) and you'll know I had to suffer physically for a minute anyway, just at the thought of it.

Because WHAT IF it had all been a dream?

My first panicked thought, strangely, was that I needed to edit my list of random things. I needed to erase #23 into total oblivion. Let me quote myself:

"I wouldn’t trade my age and stage of life for anything…but…I do miss the carefree feeling of younger days and less responsibility."

Backpaddle, backpaddle. I think I overstated. I'm sure it seemed true enough when I made the list--in fact I'm sure there was much responsibility in the way of laundry, dishes, poopy diapers, etc., piling up as I made the list-- which may have influenced the sentiment. But I will take every speck of dust in my house, every patch of grime on my children, and every last item on my daily list of to-do's if it means I get the last ten years of my life...and the joy of home and family.

I am living the life I always wanted and the thought of anything else makes me feel so empty, so hollow, sooooo sad.

I'm thrilled to be celebrating ten years of the man I love, the family we have made, and the life we have built. I'm ecstatic that when I woke up this morning it was all real. Yes, two of my four children greeted me with the same morning news: "Mom, I wet my bed." And yes, my husband and I are both sick on our big day, and yes, I have spent the first three hours of my day-o-love tending to all that 'responsibility' that can be so tedious...

but I have been able to take it all in stride because of that horrid question: "What if it had all been a dream?"

So happy anniversary to the man of my dreams, and here is the official, no regrets amendment to #23 on my list of random things:

#23 I wear flip flops 90% of the time.


Ace said...

You rock. I knew you would write today. I checked three times this morning looking for it. I am glad it was not all a dream...but wait it all has been a dream. Thank you.
P.S. "Flip Flops Huh?" Yep, that's right- Flip Flops!...that just the kind of people we are.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! I'm so glad I know both of you...and I love that you are flip flop kind of people...makes you just that more cool than you already are.


Ace said...

I can understand a Golden anniversary, and a silver anniversary. Both those metals are really cool, but the metal associated with the 10th anniversary is TIN. Tin! Are you serious? TIN!. This is a chemical element with an atomic number of 50 and a symbol of SN (you would know this had you allowed us to continue my suggestion, when we were first married, that we study of the periodic table at during dinner). But, since you didn't, let me explain a bit more. On the surface TIN does not seem that special, but I think I have figured out why TIN is TEN. First of all TIN is used in many alloys, and alloying one metal with other metal enhances its properties. One of the main TIN alloys is bronze, an alloy that is stronger than wrought iron. The interesting thing about TIN is that it is malleable at ordinary temperatures, but brittle when it is cooled. I have read, when a bar of tin is bent, a crackling sound known as the tin cry can be heard. Now how does all this relate to a 10th Anniversary? Well, a couple of ways. The most obvious is that when two people are married they are (hopefully) enhanced...I know I have been! Second, after 10 years a marriage should be stronger because of the alloy that is created,(check that one off as well). TIN is also the symbol of TEN, because a marriage should still remain malleable (at normal temperatures - I will do better...promise). Now here is the part you have been waiting for (you know it was coming)....having TIN be TEN is a good reminder that marriages can not cool off or else they will break, and you will hear an audible crackling sound coming from your husband. So I get it now. TIN is TEN because, we are enhanced by each other, stronger together, I need to remain malleable, and we need to make sure things don't cool off! :) ;) There you go...TIN...I kind of like it now.

The Titmi said...

Dude- somehow your blog disappeared from my google reader and I have been missing out!

Darron said...

Happy Anniversary You Two!!!
We sure love you both, and hope you had a great day.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! We love you and miss you already. What a wonderful couple and family. You are such blessings. Have fun adding another year to the first ten. Love Mom and Dad

Janna said...

Happy Anniversary Amy and Brian! I remembered it was your ten year anniversary yesterday because I have distinct memories of watching the Columbine shooting news coverage while I getting ready for your wedding luncheon. Hope you had a fantastic day!!!

Mandee said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope it was wonderful. And thank you for your perspective- it's just what I needed this week!