Wednesday, September 09, 2009

9:09 on 9/9/09, can she do it?

I'm trying to get this posted at exactly 9:09 on 9/9/09. Which leaves me little time to say much, but in a way that's a relief after leaving blog-dom entirely for the whoooooole gloooooorious summer, and owing many lost months their fair share of air time. I will do them more justice in the next entry, but for now there are more pressing matters. 

My morning took a turn when I realized the date, glanced at my clock, and the simmering challenge took over. For the next few minutes of the morning, accomplishment has been redefined. Not by a clean house. Not by good, patient mothering. Not by checking off today's to-dos. No, it's much simpler and way more fun. Beat the clock! That simple. OK I am only one minute away. Wish me luck!!!

And happy 99999 to you too.


Hey Maughan said...

Oh blast. You had to START the post at 9:09, not hit "publish" at 9:09. 9:00 is pretty cool, but 9:09 is so much cooler. And yes, I'm aware I could tamper with the numbers in my settings, but that is so like cheating on Monopoly which I refuse to do.

Tami said...

Good effort Amy. At least you posted at 9 on the dot instead of 9:03 or 9:05, etc. Or worse yet 8 something if you had started your post even a minute earlier. You still got all 9s so great job. Very fun. Oh, and you could always retry tonight!

Amy Coontz said...

You could re-post in an hour!