Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Different versions of soccer

These pictures are from Staten's last soccer game. He did a great job, even scoring a goal in the last few minutes of the game. Windsyr's version of soccer was going on just outside of the boundaries and was awesome. She walked along in her fancy sparkly skirt and pink tank top, kicking the ball, clutching her purse, and tossing her braids. That's my girl.

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Savannah Sombrita Del Mar said...

I am gald that you figured out the problem wiht your blog. I enjoyed all the updates!!
Staten, congratulations on scoring a goal in your soccer game. And Wyndser, you look cute as ever!
I liked all the Halloween costumes.I wish I could eat some of your candy!
I just got back from NY. It was a beautiful weekend there. I am glad to be out of there though. The problem with Time Square is that it is always so bright from the lights and giant TV screens that you can not sleep.
It is a very interesting city though. Smelly, but interesting.
Love, Dan