Saturday, November 25, 2006

Thanksgiving on a Ship

We had Thanksgiving dinner on the Queen Mary this year. The kids were enthralled being on a boat, although Staten asked why we didn't choose the Mayflower instead of the Queen Mary. We met Papa Dave and Uncle Myron in Long Beach and feasted to our hearts' content before exploring the ship. It was yummy, fun, and memorable.


Crazy Mom said...

Welcome to the blogging world. I'm new also. But I love getting on Cheryls blog and checking out all the cousins blogs also. I'm so amazed that you are teaching spanish to kids. Oh how I wish my son was close enough to have a class from you.
Add our blog to your links.
Happy Holidays, love Sharalee

Crazy Mom said...

Amy, Hey our last name is spelled Welch, like Welch's grape juice. Maybe the link isn't working because of an extra "H"

Ta ta,
Dan C. e-mailed me wondering how we spell our last name, he was thrown off by your spelling, I had a good laugh. You'd think by now he'd know how to spell his sister's last name he he.

Sandee Nilsson said...

I so desparetly need your help in starting our own blog. I know I could make time to do it if I just had a little help starting it. And since yours is up and running between you and cheryl I should get some tutoring. call me.