Monday, February 26, 2007

We need you!

While I am a huge proponent of marriage as a favorable institution, I do find one significant flaw in it. With only two votes in any one decision, it is impossible to win by majority vote when you and your spouse disagree about something. We are currently in need of a tie breaker, so I am handing this one over to you. Speaking of majorities, I know the majority of my blog browsers do not comment. If you can find it in your heart to place a vote on this issue, however, you will save us the cost of a marriage and familiy therapist to settle the dishcloth dispute.

While I favor the more conventional "toss the rag over the sink when not in use" method, my husband has recently decided to hang the cloth from the shelf above to let it breathe instead. While my husband raises an excellent point about the hygenics of airdrying, I can't get past how funny I think it looks to have a dishcloth hanging up there. So here are the specimens for your examination. Please let me know which dishcloth placement you favor. Feel free to vote anonymously if you fear we will black list you for voting in favor of 'the other side.'

And for non-commentors, you don't have to have an account to post a comment, even though it may sound like you do. Just choose anonymous, or type in a username. I'm pretty sure you can leave the account part blank. Happy voting! (Please!!)


Anonymous said...

I prefer the non-air-drying method, only because I'm not a fan of leaving drippy things hanging at any height.

I won't give my additional thoughts about the benefits of air-drying, because I want my vote to be clear cut.

Team Biddle said...

Well, Team Biddle will proudly post their names. Let our votes be know...we have a split decision in our house. Andy agrees with Brian and I agree with Amy.

Hey Maughan said...

We would do well on double dates.

Audra Bollard said...

My first thought, as random as this is, is that the hanging dish cloth looks like those tootsie roll pop/kleenex Halloween ghost crafts that my mom used to string up on the windowsill of our house! Sorry Brian, I guess this puts me in the sink placement camp!

This is such a classic male/female debate: practicality vs. aesthetics!

LollyGirl said...

I have lots of opinions on dish rags because I HATE how they get stinky in a day if you leave them IN the sink. So we hang over the faucet and it avoids the problem. Initially, that's what I thought the debate was going to be but NO! Brian goes and throws a curve ball by hanging it from the ceiling.

Given the two options, I'd have to agree with Amy because it does look pretty funny BUT I'm all for funny if you dish rag is stinky from leaving it in the sink!

micah nilsson said...

I vote for the sink and just replace it often so it doesn't get stinky.

Dan said...

First priority in my book is no stinky dishrags. But I'm all for the air dry. Just air dry it on the egde of the laundry basket and use a new dishrag.

I've found that if this is the type of dishrag that is always wet, for wiping things clean, (vs the kind that you use to dry the dishes), that if you add some dish soap to it, then wring it out, that it is less likely to get stinky if you leave it to dry.

Shelby said...

In OUR house, we avoid the debate altogether by cleaning the dishes with an Oxo scrub brush (which sits neatly on the back of the sink), cleaning the countertops with Clorox disinfectant wipes (hidden in cupboard above the microwave) and cleaning kids hands and faces after mealtime with Kirkland Signature Premium Baby wipes (located in every possible room of the house)

...but if I had to choose...IN THE SINK, no doubt.

Mandee said...

Shelby and I are must have the same grocery list. We use the scrub brush for dishes, wipies (also located in every room of the house) for kid clean up, BUT- I do keep a daily dish cloth over the sink divider for counter wipe up. And then it goes in the laundry sink for tomorrow's laundry. Brian can't be serious about hanging that thing there? Your gorgeous kitchen, tainted with a hanging dish cloth! I know he knows better! So let it be known... I'm with you Amy!

Hey Maughan said...

OK Bri, before you admit defeat, remember that I left the door wide open for you to vote anonymously and stack the votes in your favor. It's not too late to tip the scales.

Anonymous said...

hi amy,
while i am not a regular in the comment department. (i'm terrified of getting sucked into a blog of my own!)i do enjoy checking in with the maughn happenings when i check cheryls blog! you do such a great job! Anyway, we women MUST band together! no way could i handle a dish rag hanging in plain view. maybe just open the rag FULLY and stradle it over the faucet spout. we do this at our house and it dries just the same. my other suggestion would be to stock up on a good supply of dish rags (their CHEAP) and change them every two days. i personally favor the latter. best of luck!
shelli hill

Anonymous said...

OK! Two Comments:
1. What a clever way to sneak in a couple of pictures of your pretty stainless steel sink and nifty, stylish Costco curvy faucet. Also the spiffy spice rack and stylin' antique green cupboards!
2. As to the debate...Why not install a coordinated stainless steel rod above the window, get a series of long, color co-ordinated dish rags, embroider the edges, and let them serve as window dressings while drying. The smell is way above the nose, and since Brian is the only one tall enough to change them, and likes things hanging, he will be happy with the location. Amy will be happy with the look. Problem solved, marriage saved.
Anonymous, one who knows you got the faucet at Costco.

marie said...

The madness must end! Amy won! I blog again only because your blog has spurred the following "discussions" in our home:
-silverware in the dishwasher, business end up or down
-toilet paper roll-beginning of roll up or down
-towels, spread out for maximum drying or folded in half on rack?

Hey Maughan said...

Shelli, if Lolly--the most persuasive blog advocate I know--can't convince you to start a blog, no one can. (But my vote is in favor of it!!)

Anonymous Costco insider, do you happen to be visiting this weekend?

And my votes for the Biddle debates:
1. Toilet paper-- end of roll on top.
2. Silverware in dishwasher--such a toss up that I do one kind of my silverware up and the other kind down.
3. Towels-- We have to fold by default. (Lack of towel rack space.) But we also hang them from hooks in a few places which gives them more airing opportunity.

And Bri--we are waiting with bated breath for your concession speech!!

Crazy Mom said...

I put all my wet dish rags in the laundry room to dry until the next load of laundry.

I can't stand the thought of possible smell invading.

Anonymous said...

_ _
O <

you are SO clever!

LollyGirl said...

just wanted to see if we could hit 20!

Anonymous said...

1 for hanging them up...practical and actually kind of clever.

Brian said...
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Brian said...
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Anonymous said...

It seems to me the debate is about the smell and not so much about where you place the rag. I agree with many of the comments that rags are cheap and should be recycled frequently. But honestly, if you could dispose of them often enough there would be no problem...short of rapid, timely disposal I will have to go for the AIR DRY!!!!


I landed on this site through blogger search. I love to search my old stomping grounds to see if there are any good blogs will material for my show. You know I received my Post-Doctoral Certification in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling, Human Relations Center, from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, was a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor (MFCC) in California, and in private practice in California for 12 years and was a Past member of the Biological Sciences faculty of the University of Southern California and the graduate Psychology faculty of Pepperdine University. But my heart will always be in Irvine, where I use to teach at the UC Irvine Extension.

This is a classic husband/wife moment. Practical vs. emotional. An if you have read my books, "The Care and Feeding of Husbands," and "The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriages," you would know just how this "debate" should end.

But because you asked for help I will spell it out for is what you should do Amy.

Make your husband feel like a man. Let him be masculine. Let him hang the dish cloth up to air out...and then you should not harass him, and get your friends to band together on the subject, but rather should publicly state "Brian's idea is the best idea" and "thank you Honey for even thinking about keeping our house fresh and odor free."

Then put on your makeup and run up to him and give him a wildly, passionate kiss, and tell him you love him and how perfectly practical his is.

Then...let the chips fall where they will thank me...


Hey Maughan said...

So it comes down to a marriage therapist afterall. I should have known Dr. Laura would come through for me.

Brian said...

I am always encouraged to check the blog...and so I did...then I came back to see if anybody commented on my comments...and Wow.

Thank you Dr. Laura.

After reading Dr. Laura's comments...I have deleted my other comments...I was about to concede defeat, but the good doctor has given me hope. I now stand firm...solid in my convictions....and I say - "hang on dish cloth...hang on!"

sandeebeaches said...

You guys never cease to amaze me. Really Dr. Laura????? I say it goes over the middle of the sink for no more than 2 days. Then to the Laundry room.