Friday, February 02, 2007

One happy groundhog, two happy birthdays!


(Not that the winter's around here are anything to complain about.)

But not to be overshadowed by the GROUNDHOG,

Happy Birthday KATHLEEN!

Yes, the photo of her beautiful family has been replaced, as I've decided the best birthday gift I can give her is a plug for her presidential campaign.

And since Saturday blogging is not my forté, I will also say

Happy Birthday MARIANNE! (tomorrow)
Also sooo beautiful, with a very aptly named dog--BRUTUS!

I miss you friends! Wish I saw you more than once in a blue moon.


Carrie said...

I am just spending the morning checking out blogs and eating lofthouse cookies. I figure, it's friday, that's the weekend! I love Fancy Nancy! We are coming down south and hoping to to meet Fancy Nancy in the flesh are you busy Saturday, the 17th?

Hey Maughan said...

We'll be here and we'll have lofthouse cookies waiting for you!