Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Corn Roasting

Last night Windsyr came downstairs holding her mermaid barbie and announced: "It's just so hard corn roasting."

I know my daughter well enough to know that whatever she meant by this, it made perfect sense on Planet Windsyr, so I smiled sympathetically and said: "What do you mean by that?"

She proceeded to show me the many braids she had put in her barbie's long pink hair. "I've done all these, but there's still so many to do!"

And suddenly it clicked. Corn rows. My daughter was giving her mermaid corn rows, and now you see what I mean by my daughter's logic. If making corn rows could be summed into one verb, I think "Corn rows-ting" would be the right one.

Have your kids created any new words I can add to my dictionary?


Mike & Shelby said...

One of Lauren's first words was "yawanka." I had no clue what it meant but she said it CONSTANTLY! Finally, after a year of her saying it...and being so frustrated by her inability to speak understandable english, I snapped...

"Yawanka is NOT a word, Lauren! Don't say yawanka anymore!.

She responded with "Okay, mommy."

"Thank you!"


Team Biddle said...

That cracks me up! The funniest thing Noah has said is "Daddy"...and he says it to me, constantly. And then he laughs. As if mocking me thinking "sorry lady, I'm not saying "mama"...ever."

Mandee said...

I don't have anything that funny to share. She is hilarious!

Amy said...

When Hunter was little he called a DVD a "deebee-deebee."