Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Home Improvement MATH

ONE ambitious husband
ONE charged up power saw
ONE BILLION particles of dust covering a once clean kitchen

and ONE large hole in the wall!

BUT, it's going to be a very cool project when it's done and it's awesome being married to Handy Manny because there is nothing he can't do around the house. Of course finding the time to DO everything is a different math equation altogether and seems to be out of our realm to solve. (That's what we get for avoiding calculus!)


Marie said...

Very impressive!!! Don't you just love a handy hubby? What will go in this perfectly dimensional space???

Its funny you posted this, I was just getting ready to post Andy's bathroom remodel. Took him a year, but he swore he could do it himself!!!

sandeebeaches said...

What is it going to be ???????

Hey Maughan said...

You have to visit us to find out.

Marie said...

OK, your "About Us" section made me laugh out loud this morning!

Hey Maughan said...

...because you have taken the motherhood plunge and you are now on the path that leads to insanity. It's very happy insanity though.