Sunday, March 11, 2007

Photobooth faces and pseudo tan P.S.

We are back from an amazing trip to Mammoth which I will document soon. First I will post the weekly edition of photobooth faces--this one's in honor of Shane who got married this past weekend!

Here is a small P.S. on the tanning cream: One of the features I liked is that the tint gives you immediate results so you don't have to wait hours for the tan to appear. The drawback to this, as I have discovered, is that you end up with tanned clothes as well. The solution may be to wait longer before getting dressed, providing you don't mind prancing around your house in the buff for that long.

1 comment:

Shane ( team rad ) said...

There are advantages to having a large chin, like; if you are getting hit in the face the chances you'll get hit in the nose goes way down. however.. on the flip side if your doing chin ups.. getting your chin-up is tricky. I like my chin, it fits my face.
Nice to see you in provo!