Saturday, March 24, 2007


Everyone always wondered what kind of girl it would take for Adam to seal the deal. What it took is a beautiful Sri Lankan Botanist, who is completing her PhD, plays competetive Ultimate Frisbee, and has the right combination of brains, talent, intrigue and individuality to counterpart his own. Happy 30th birthday, Pek. We're counting down to the festivities in Sri Lanka...


Savannah Sombrita Del Mar said...

Happy Birthday Pek!
It was really nice having you over for a visit. We can't wait to make it happen again...On one coast or the other.
Sara is celebrating your birthday with her sister, Beth in Dayton, who shares the same 30th birthday.
Savannah and I will be eating cake-like cream filled desserts and otherwise festivating all day long, and possiby through the weekend in your honor!
Have a great day!

dave said...

Happy Birthday to You!
I hope your sourdough birthday bread turned out OK. I thought about how good your house must smell and how much I would love to be there to celebrate with you. You are a charmer, and you would be so surprised if you knew how much I brag about my son's cool fiancee to my friends every day. You are half as old as me. Wow! I wish I had those thirty years to look forward to again. Well, I guess maybe I do. I can't wait to see what happens between now and ninety. Hope to see you soon!
Love, Papa D

Brian "Professional Happy Birthday Singer" said...

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Pek. Happy Birthday to you.
Well, I am sure that it sounds a lot better typed then it would have being sung in person, but nonetheless the wish is still there.

Hope the day was great...and that you know our wishes are with you. Wish you were here, because Amy is always game for a party...and your 30th would certainly warrant a wing-dinger.

We love the visits from you and Adam...but wish we could visit you more (even once would be nice).

All the best on this special day.
- Brian

micah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pek!!! I'm so glad Amy posted about this special day! (I had no idea).

we ADORE you and feel so lucky to be getting you as part of our family!!

I just wanted to add that I'm sure your BEAUTY had a little something to do with winning adam over, too! we think you're so beautiful!!

Kipalee said...

Happy birthday from Kip in Africa! She can't leave messages from her computer there so until we figure out why, I will leave her comment vicariously!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Marianne and I love Pek too! Happy belated birthday! If you and Adam are ever in the Santa Barbara area again, I would LOVE a repeat of your last visit.

And HI NILSSON FAMILY!! I didn't realize I could reach so many of you in one spot. Same goes to all of you...Santa Barbara is beautiful and my dog will happily share his 90% of the house with you!

Anonymous said...

Hey family and friends! Thank you so much for all your birthday wishes. I can't stop smiling, and if I could I'd be blushing. :)

During my birthday dinner, a friend asked me if I'm happy with where I am in life at 30. With Adam sitting next to me, the prospect of officially becoming part of an absolutely wonderful family, wishes from my own wonderful family and great food in front of me...what else could I say but YES! I am truly one of the fortunate ones.

As for visiting us, Corvallis is beautiful during the summer. Da Vinci days is July 20-22. And Brian, we even found a triathalon nearby ( over that weekend.


sandeebeaches said...

Happy Birthday Pek. We sure do like you from this Nilsson household.

Kip said...

Today, this internet cafe is letting me manuver around and do as I like on the I can add my comments. Upekala, I love everything about you. You are a BEAUTY, and an intellect, caring and sharing and accepting of all of us. You are a gem of a person. We are so fortunate to have you be part of our family. Thanks for loving my son.
I love you KIP

BK said...

Wow! I googled Upekala b/c I am uploading pics to flickr for the RC 40th Anniversary in October and I wanted to spell her name correctly - and here I find the actual Upekala from 2nd Prescott (1996/97). Pek, will I see you at the 40th?
Becky Katzman

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