Friday, March 16, 2007

today's lucky numbers

Here are today's lucky numbers and why:

26 is the number of laps Staten ran in his Jog-a-thon today!
7 is the number of delicious gourmet cookies we bought to celebrate.
123 is the number of potato bugs we saw on our walk home from school.
1 is the number of pet caterpillars Windsyr is now nurturing.
5 is the number of hours until my date with my handsome husband.

Hope these numbers bring you the same joy they have brought me today.
Now I'll post some pictures from the big event.

On your mark...get set...(always time for a wave)...
And they're OFF!
Water break
Still going!
Proud finish after 45 minute run
Biggest fans

Nothing like an ice pop and good friends to finish it off.


T Maughan said...

What a sweet family! And they are ours. We love you! We love your lucky numbers. Staten- 27 laps! give your Grandma T and Papa LeRoy a high 5! We think you are the best Kindergartener. Windsyr- You got to be the best cheerleader and Cairo- you are just plain adorable. Mom and Dad- you're not so bad yourself. Infact, we think you are terrific!
Love, Papa LeRoy (in Japan still until Sunday) and Grandma T.

sandeebeaches said...

Wow, I'm pretty sure that Staten could outrun me. What a fun event. What did it benefit?? Just his school. You are all so very cute.