Wednesday, March 07, 2007

product picks

This is my 50th post, which is kind of significant, so my entry should probably be more profound than this...but the thing on my mind this morning is products. I love products, and I love recommendations of products, because it saves me the time and hassle to sort through the overwhelming options out there to get to the cream of the crop.

So today I will reccommend a few of my own.

It's been pretty warm here, so out came the shorts yesterday, and with them, a razor and a tube of tinted self-tanning lotion. The razor is one that vibrates. (They make them in several brands now, I think mine is a Venus Vibrance or something like that.) Anyway, I can't tell if the vibrations make for a better shave, but they definitely add drama to the shaving, so I give the razor credit for that.

The self-tanner was Sublime Bronze tinted salf tanning lotion and I am impressed enough that I used it again today. (Which is odd since I will be bundled in ski clothes on a mountain for the next two days, but I guess I am prepping for the jacuzzi at night.) It's hard for me to find self tanners I like, so this is one I may stick to until I can get a real tan.

Next, if you have never tried Mary Kay's microdermabrasion, you are missing out on a truly spa-like facial experience. It's only a two-step process, and takes all of two minutes, but you will be petting your own face for hours afterwards.

One final recommendation for today: Redken's All Soft conditioner. I try and try and try to use cheap shampoo and conditioner, but I am never happy with the results. (This could be the fault of my hair more than the fault of the products, but anway, I eventually throw in the towel and spend a little more to get conditoners that will help me drag a pick through my gnarly mane.) This conditioner is for the hair what microdermabrasion is for the face.

So these are a few products that have gotten me through my morning. Any products you'd like to sing praises to?

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Anonymous said...

These are good tips Amy! Thanks!!!! I loves me some product! That is good to know about that conditioner hair has become extremely curly and I straighten it all the time. I too have tried to use cheaper products and they just make it frizzy. So I end up going back to what works or looking for suggestions. p.s. have fun in the snow!!!