Thursday, April 19, 2007

Eight years, half a table!

Dear reader,

I hope you will take a minute to appreciate with me this lovely half table. It may not seem significant at first glance, but look again. This humble piece of furniture in our kitchen actually illustrates the key to successful marriage. I don't speak of great food, candlelight dinners, or spontaneous makeout sessions in the kitchen (although all of those would no doubt contribute greatly...)

I speak of the art of compromise. And this table is the epitome of compromise. Wife wanted a table in this spot; husband did not. With no third vote to tip the balance (I've already addressed that problem on this blog) we had to rely on IKEA's brilliance to rescue our gridlock. Half a table. It was the perfect solution. This is just one of many compromises over the years, and we are proud of them all.

Tomorrow we celebrate our anniversary. We are amazed by our years of life together, the additional people on the planet that have come as a result of them, and the fact that two people plus eight years can equal five people, half a table, and a bazillion memories to cherish.

Here's to our eight years, Love. I am grateful for them all, and look forward to a lifetime more.


Team Biddle said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mandee said...

I say Happy Anniversary, too!

sandeebeaches said...

In the world of in-laws I sure hit the jackpot. Happy Anniversary, to a pair of my favorite in-laws.

T Maughan said...

We, who have contributed to half of this wonderful couple, would like to also wish you both a fabulously happy anniversary. We think the half, we each were half responsible for bringing into this world, did a fantastic job selecting his other half to share eternity with. We also think these two sweet individuals, each made wonderful contributions. Each contributing their half to bring three beautiful grandchildren into this world. We would like to multiply all these halves by a bazillion and you get his very special family, we call our magnificent son, beautiful daughter in law and 3 precious grandchildren, Once again- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
Love, Mom and Dad Maughan