Saturday, April 28, 2007

In the spotlight

Hallmark Central is sending out more birthday love today...(and hoping we have the day right!!)

This one you have to guess but here are your hints:
1. She can fix cars better than her husband (most husbands, probably!)
2. She recently gave away 10 inches of her beautiful blonde hair
3. Her dad is a pilot and her father in law is a "remote" pilot
4. She helps deliver babies
5. She throws awesome birthday parties and gives awesome birthday gifts (like quadrunners)
6. She can sew, sing and be crafty, but is also an athlete and sports enthusiast
7. Her maiden name is a kind of bird, well, fowl
8. She grew up in a town about the size of Boron
9. She recently returned from Hawaii
10. She has four children and plans for four more. (Or not.)

Happy Birthday Sandee- We are thinking of you today!!!
(Please see the nilssonnutfactory blog to learn more about this amazing chica and her fabulous family!)


Hey Maughan said...

OK nobody is saying anything which is really adding to my complex that I have Sandee's birthday wrong...

Hey Maughan said...

There must have been big birthday festivities for her and nobody wants to admit I wasn't invited...

Darron said...

Yes, you had the day right. And thank you for the tribute. Appearantly it's a busy time of year for bloggers. I celebrated my day with Myron and Charlotte (a very cute, very smart, Chinese speaking, returned missionary, engineer, master's degree getting girl) Papa Dave, My mom and dad and my kids. Papa watched the kids and Darron and I went to the movies.

Hey Maughan said...

Just glad to know you are out there and that you are getting older like the rest of us. :)

LollyGirl said...

sorry I'm late Sandee--you know I LOVE you!! I'm kind of out of the blogging loop right now and enjoying it. But Happy, Happy Birthday Sandee dear!