Monday, April 02, 2007

April Fools

When I was born into my family, I was born into a world where April Fool's day is not just a time for cute fibs and jokes, it is a twenty four hour period where deceit becomes an art form, pranks are monumental, trusting anyone is playing with fire, and trumping an attempt at fooling you by fooling someone bigger and better is winning the family's highest level of respect.

It is a day to be on your guard at all times, while masterminding a plot to fool someone else who is also on his or her guard at all times. It is no small task, and not to be taken lightly. We have all been the fool at some point, but we have also had our moments of glory, and year after year, we keep coming back for more.

Our collection of "got ya's" through the years includes such claims to fame as broken bones, bikes, windows, and hearts; crimes, arrests, police officers, and police stations; fines, penalties, lotteries and bombs; crashed cars, stolen cars; hi-jacked cars, and no cars; Canadian officials, NY transfers, Paris temples, and South African coups; old boyfriends, new girlfriends, lost wedding rings and keys; injuries, illness, pregnancies, and prowlers...and that is just the beginning.

Four a.m. is not too early and eleven p.m. is not too late. Any play is fair play, as long as you do play. You snooze, you lose; no prank, you tank. Promising to love, cherish and obey April Fool's day is in our marriage contracts, and our spouses have not let us down. Our children are also learning the trade as they too have been born into a world where April Fool's day is second only to Christmas, and if Santa came down the chimney wearing yellow, he would probably get an extra cookie.

Now quit reading and start plotting. Only 364 days to go...


Anonymous said...

Ok, I am gonna need some April Fools tips from you for next year. I need to be more creative! It sounds like you guys have WAY too much fun on this day!

sandeebeaches said...

I love the way you write. You should make money doing it.