Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's a mom's world afterall

Hi. My name's Cairo. I can't exactly speak my thoughts, but I have them alright. And if you are reading this right now, you get a rare glimpse into them. I've been studying this lady in my life called ma-ma for 16 months now, and I've decided she has really got the life. Here are just a few of the fun things she gets to do every day. Just wait till you hear!

1. Push dirt around the kitchen floor with a bright yellow stick.

2. Operate a loud piece of machinery that sucks up anything in its path.

3. Use burning hot objects that cook food, curl hair, and straighten clothes.

4. Put clothes in a machine that spins them around and around with bubbles everywhere! There's a lot of cool buttons she gets to push, and when the clothes are done, they go in another fun machine. This one you're not gonna believe! They go in wet, and come out warm and dry. How does THAT happen? The best part is when she gets to dump them all over the couch and fold them into really cool piles that she does not want knocked over for some reason. Then she stacks them in this huge basket in a balancing act I can hardly resist--to redistribute until they go back into the cool machine again. Awesome!

5. She also gets to spray colorful liquids all over anything she wants. Blue on the windows, yellow on the counters, purple on the table, orange in the bathrooms. She's got a regular rainbow of spray bottles crammed in the cupboards. Problem is they're all too high for me to get to. That stinks like worms.

6. One of the best things is she gets to eat when she wants and what she wants. No one tells her she can't have a cupcake. No one tells her she has to eat little sliced up pieces of carrots and hot dogs. I think she must be the Queen of this world.

7. One of the wierdest things is when she paints her face. She has lots of fun colors and tools to paint with. When I tried a few of them myself, she just laughed at me, and moved the paint holder far away from me. No one laughs at her for putting things on her eyes and cheeks and lips. Maybe she's the President.

8. She also puts dishes, pans, and silverware into another cool machine that I haven't quite figured out yet. Sometimes she lets me help a little, but she has this thing against me grabbing the knives, which are by FAR the most interesting thing in there. She is one strict lady, I tell ya. Maybe she's a captain.

9. She gets to type on what she calls a computer, and let me tell you how fascinating that thing is. There's 109 buttons to push on the keyboard, (and she doesn't even let me push one!) There's also a mouse to play with, but it's kind of wierd compared to the other mice I've seen. I knock it off the desk whenever I can, but it never runs away or plays with me. The computer has a screen that features anything from pictures to music to games... like anything you could possibly ever want. When I grow up I'm going to have a computer, and I'm going to let MY baby play with it.

10. So that's a lot of cool things my mama gets to do. But my very favorite in all the world is when she holds me, cuddles me, squeezes me, and loves me. She seems to like this alot. That's the one thing I think we see eye to eye on. I'm pretty cute and squishy, so it must be pretty fun to lift me high in the air, bounce me, twirl me, tickle me, sing to me, and take me with her everywhere she goes. All day. Everyday. That must be the highlight of her job.

Maybe you'll hear from me again sometime, but like I said, I'm not supposed to use this computer, and if someone finds out I snuck onto it, my mommy might lose her job. I would NOT want that, and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't either. She has the coolest job I can imagine.


Team Biddle said...

So good to hear from Cairo! His Mom does have the greatest job, is President and Queen! And a great writer to boot!

p.s. does Cairo have beautiful red hair?

Mandee said...

That was so cute. My Jack is squishy too- we call him that sometimes. It's one of his nicknames. I love squishy babies!

LollyGirl said...

oh the joy of new posts on this blog! always so cute and creative.

great to hear from Mr. Cairo today. he's got his mom all figured out--she is the coolest!

sandeebeaches said...

You are amazing. Of course they think all of this, but to put it in words is so cute.