Wednesday, May 16, 2007


If you weren't aware of a field called Acronymology , you haven't met Papa LeRoy. This is one of his specialties, and he can think of an acronymn for anything. In honor of his birthday today, we have put our own acronym juices to work and here's what the kids came up with:

P-lays with us
A-lways tickles us
P-retends with us
A-wesome Donald Duck voice

L-ike it when he visits us
E-xcellent whistler
R-eally, really tall
O-nce he took us to get new basketballs
Y-ou are missing out if you don't know Papa LeRoy

So here's to all 6 feet and 9 inches of the Papa we celebrate today...Happy Birthday!


Hey Maughan said...

Happy Birthday Papa, from your California based fan club!

Ace, LuLu, Stat, Zuri, and Mr. C

Brian said...

Happy 61, big guy. It was good to talk with you this morning. Here is an acronym for you...if you get it right you get a present.


Your favorite, best looking, most intelligent, and most spiritual son.