Thursday, May 10, 2007

Meal time

Meals around here have been great. Cairo ate toothpaste and Desitin for breakfast. For a mid-morning snack he talked me into a bowl of cereal (which he does surprisingly well for not talking) then proceeded to dump it on the floor and gnaw on a fake floral arrangement instead. Staten ate a predictable peanut butter and honey sandwich for lunch, but Windsyr's menu was more specific, with her favorite: a "pickle, miracle whip sandwich with cheese." I was optimistic enough to think I could slip her a tuna sandwich without the ordered ingredients, but this was not to be. We got our serving of fruit from daddy's orange juice, which he likes so filled with pulp, it's more like eating than drinking, and our main dairy staple of the week is chocolate milk. Oh, and by the shiny, round evidence in Cairo's diaper yesterday, apparently we are also into eating magnets the size of marbles. I swear that kid has nine lives. I'd like to say we'll be having a well balanced and nutritious meal for dinner tonight, at a table set for a king. But instead, we may reheat last night's frozen taquitos and toss them to our kids sometime between homework, bath and bedtime and call it good. Anyone want to come over for dinner?


sandeebeaches said...

Why does that sound like the menu at our house? One exception is that Raia is more in to pennies than magnets. Aren't kids great.

Mandee said...

Thank you. I feel so much better. Tonight I had chips and salsa, Maddy had saltine crackers and sprite (she's sickie today), Max and Charlie had chicken nuggets but halfway through that meal decided that they wanted pb&j. They missed lunch altogether. Jack had some cheerios and a bottle. And Aaron and Parker were lucky enough to stop at Wendy's after the soccer game. I have no idea what we'll eat tomorrow.