Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Our favorite way to view a Bruce Brainard painting is on the easel in his studio. Well, our most favorite way would be hanging permanently on one of our walls, but his paintings don't run cheap, so we've learned to savor the painting we were given as a Christmas gift once, and enjoy the rest of his paintings from a "so close and yet so far" distance before they are shipped off to the galleries that carry his work. Bruce's paintings are filled with tranquility, light, and soothing colors that sweep you into the scene of the landscape they protray. You can glimpse a few more of his pieces at the following two links:

David Lusk Gallery
Munson Gallery

Bruce's talent spills over into many facets in his life. He skiied moguls competitively for several years in the beautiful mountains of Idaho, and can still make most anyone look like bunny hill material. He is adventurous and loves his European travels which take him to the remote countrysides of Tuscany where he is able to capture photos that inspire his paintings. He is a great teacher and mentor to Brian and I with his profound wisdom and insight. He is kind and gentle to his family, and able to provide for them fully through his passion and gift for art. He is also hilarious, and would find this entry sappy and sentimental, but I can't help it (see Brian's comment - you'll feel more at home). Happy birthday Bruce, we love you.


maughan kids said...

A happy birthday from our troop. It got too late to call you tonight so we will do so tomorrow. We are thinking of you though, and hope you have had a great day.

Brian said...

All I have to say is you are indeed "Bruce Almighty". Happy Birthday - I wish I had an ounce of the talent you have in those old bones of yours.

T Maughan said...

One more time-Happy Birthday Bruce! We know you had a fabulous day thanks to that sweetheart of yours. We wish a year filled with many fabulous days.

LeRoy and Teri

P.S. Thanks Brian and Amy for your special birthday wishes.