Thursday, June 07, 2007

Republicrat for President!

In an effort to fuse the political divide in our country, I'd like to introduce a new political party to the presidential race, and I even have a candidate I'd like to nominate. He represents the best of two parties and will be known as a Republicrat. I probably enjoyed the recent debates more than the average viewer, since I got to hear this lesser known candidate "weigh in" on everything from my own private living room couch-- and although politics may not be his thing, the man can debate! Brian is officially old enough to run for president come July, and the fact that politics is not his thing is really his strength in this race. So ignore the prediction of the psychic twins who have all but sworn in Hillary, and cheer on Rudy McRomney or Obama all you want...but come next November, be prepared for real change when this mutation hits Washington center stage. Go purple!


Dr. Laura said...

Since he quoted me on your blog before, he's got my vote.

Chanel said...

love it, i know you don't know me, but can i be the vp?

Hey Maughan said...

Knowing you is less important than liking you, and I already do. You are on.