Sunday, June 10, 2007

my sisters

Having no sisters of my own, the law was kind enough to step in and give me sisters via marriage. I am so happy to have 3 (soon to be 4, maybe 5...) sisters that have come to me through my own tying of the knot and through the marriages of my brothers--all who have chosen well! Today and tomorrow Lori and Lolly celebrate their b-days so this post is especially in their honor.( In fact, if it weren't for Lol I wouldn't even be a blogger, so pretty much my whole blogspot is thanks to her persistence!) Anyway, these are two incredibly talented, beautiful and amazing women that I am proud to claim as sisters and more importantly--as friends. Happy birthday to you both, and when I'm on a different computer--the one that holds my photo library-- I'll share your pretty faces with the www!


the maughan munchkins said...

We love our aunts! You are second mommies to us, so we hope we are second kids to you! Love you and have happy birthdays!

Brian said...

Hey Lori thanks for being my blood sister. I know you had little choice in the matter, but I got the great end of the deal. You are always there and one thing I know is that "we are always on the same page." We always have been.

I love you.