Thursday, January 18, 2007

Christmas ROUND TWO!

Thanks to Grandma Teri, Papa LeRoy, and the Brainards, Christmas came twice this year!!
The packages were going to be hand delivered just days after Christmas, but plans were intercepted by the vicious virus that attacked our family over the holidays. Well, let me tell you how excited our kids were to get the packages and have a second Christmas mid-January!
I'm thinking it's not such a bad plan to spread Christmas out over time like this--except for not getting our visit from Grandma and Papa--oh yes, and we could have done without that demonic virus.


Hey Maughan said...

Just wanted to point out that the larger than life picture of myself on this post was not intended. I threw it in there to show the whole family, and like a practical joke on me it came up larger than the rest of any of the pics. Just my luck!

sandeebeaches said...

Amy- these pictures are so fun. And how fun for a second Christmas. Maybe we could have Christmas mid-January next year so we could go to "Sri Lanka". By the way, you are so beautiful in that picture.

LollyGirl said...


did not even notice the picture being larger than the others. just noticed you were there that day, too!

P.S. yes, always so beautiful!!