Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Walking Whitney

Woo hoo! Brian's first book is bound and ready to read. This is an account he wrote of his Whitney climb and thanks to Cafe Press it is now formatted into an awesome little 49 page paperback. Now we have made the New Year's Resolution to put more of our writing into book form, one each per month, so at the end of the year, we will have our very own little library. Between this and the Mac iBooks we like to make, who needs Barnes and Noble?


Grant McCaleb said...

Hello Maughans, neat book, I would like to read it sometime. Amy sorry about not putting your family on my list. I have updated my blog and you are at the top, I will never forgive myself for doing that. Sorry for the mistake.
Your family is getting so big, Staten looks a lot like Brian. What a good looking family you have, tell everyone the McCalebs said hello.

Łiиεεε said...

sou novaa aki
e nao sei como por foto...
se puder me explicar

Brian said...

Hey Sweets.
Thanks for putting this up and for all your support of my little writing projects.

You are the best.

Brian said...

Author's Note. I have had a million requests about how you can get this book...so here you go.


T Maughan said...

Son you are amazing! We are so PLEASED with all you accomplishments and now a book. We are so excited to read it. Give our sweet little Staten, Windsyr and Cairo a big hug!
Love Dad and Mom

Mandee said...

I totally disagree with Grant. I think Staten looks like a Nilsson. I love reading about your family- excited to read Brian's book. I'm glad you found us! Thanks for keeping in touch! Oh, and by the way- the picture on our blog of me was taken almost 4 years ago, when I was skinny. I don't dare put a current picture up. I am way too vain for that.

LollyGirl said...

hey ame,

look--you get to use that handy little trash can, unless you know "lineee." i got to use mine today for some random post from France, although I could read and understand what mine said.

LollyGirl said...

p.s. walking whitney was a big hit at christmas--it was always in someone's hands and I never got a turn.

so thank you for resting my fear that I missed my opportuntiy and posting the link for where we can get a copy of our own.

looking SO forward to the compilation next year!!

Shane said...

How do we get one in provo?