Thursday, January 11, 2007

Karaoke, anyone??

So Papa Dave is to blame for the karaoke fever that has consumed our household since Christmas. It started with the festivities at his place, and traveled south when he gave us our own set. This is the karaoke that is self contained, consisting of only a microphone that plugs into your TV. We have karaoked the night away with each other, our kids, and any visitors we can convince to join in--you know who you are--and thanks for humoring us! :) So around here anyway, karaoke is the new Disneyland, and we are looking forward to any new takers. Any new takers?


Anonymous said...

Oh my friend...I wish I was closer and you and I could jam the microphone together. Remember when we played the piano together at church? I can only imagine the kind of singing team we'd make! How fun!!!--Marie

Maughan Clan said...

How funny--I was just thinking about this!! (The piano duo in Staten Island) I remember us up there on the stand just laughing our way through the songs as we pretty much butchered them--not that anyone minded since they all sang loud enough to hide the piano anyway. :) Those were such fun times!!

LuLu said...

Hey Bri--John said one of his favorite Karaoke memories is listening to you sing the Mmm Mmm song at Club Omni after Adam's concert. Just thought you'd like to know, rockstar!