Friday, January 26, 2007

Living with Fancy Nancy

So this is my daughter's favorite book, and if you know Windsyr, you know she is as fancy as they come. Today she not only dressed up like Fancy Nancy, but she proceeded to post a sign on the fridge inviting us all to lessons on the art of being fancy, just like in the book. (Except it was more like: MrlksTokLJ>KdiwnCFIjlSWPEok.sdp since she can't exactly spell.) So I attended a lesson, and I think you'll see I am much fancier for it.


LollyGirl said...

OH WOW!! I'm so glad you attended--you obviously had a lot to learn about being fancy!

THAT is priceless.

Hey Maughan said...

My husband offered me ten bucks if I'd go to the store in my fancy attire, and although it wouldn't have been the first time in public in some ridiculous dress up or disguise, (there's a great story to illustrate that) I had to pass due to the uncomfortable nature of the fancy shoes I was assigned to wear that day. (I did, however do a little DDR in my get up and I'm pretty sure I looked good.)

T Maughan said...

That's my adorable Granddaughter! Windsyr, you are beautiful! Can I come to your Fancy Nancy lesson sometime? I LOVE YOU! sweet girl.
Love, Grandma Teri