Thursday, January 18, 2007

Guitar Hero

I clearly spend too much time with teenagers. A few of the Laurels were over here last night introducing us to "Guitar Hero" and as you can see here, we spent the night perfecting our rock star skills.

I've already admitted we are Karaoke junkies, and this is like Karaoke for guitar. (ELECTRIC guitar!!!) I couldn't help but wonder if my REAL rock star brother would be proud of our efforts, or infinitely embarassed. Maybe a little of both??


Marie said...

Andy's buddy got one of these for Christmas from his girlfriend and is addicted to it! Apparently its good old entertainment for all ages! We aren't ones to talk since we are addicted to the our Nintendo Wii. Along with our 9 year old nephew. :)

I miss YW...they are so fun!!!

me said...

I'm relieved to hear we're not alone!